After picking up a camera for the first time I knew it was the perfect tool to use as my creative outlet. It allowed me to create and see the results instantly. But that wasn't enough, I wanted to learn how to use a camera to create beautiful imagery.   

A firm believer in grabbing opportunities when they present themselves, I took an assistants role with Brett Harkness Photography, widely regarded as the best wedding photographer in the UK. Hard work and lots of travel allowed me to cut my teeth working with one of the best in the business. I have taken lots from working all over the UK, as well as shooting abroad.

Whether it was shooting a wedding in a marquee in the Wirral or a riad in Marrakesh, the same hard work ethic applied, always striving to get your creative best from every occasion. That is what I can bring to your wedding day celebrations.  

Working with Brett on his weddings and commercial work has moulded me into the photographer I am today, so it is only right that he is mentioned as part of my story! The hard work is worth the reward; it's something that can't be achieved in a matter of weeks. The reward is how I see the world through a lens, honed through hours of working with the best. 

Now with my own photography business my goal is to create beautiful imagery of my clients that are achieved through the same hard work ethics and pushing of my creative boundaries that I developed with Brett. After all, being creative makes me happy.

(Credit for the photo of me is to Brett Harkness Photography! Taken on my wedding day.)